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Who are we?

The Theatre Schools Network -Ret- is a work group that comes as an initiative of the Theatre Schools Meeting of the Bogota´s District which was held in 2006. In this meeting participated the academic community and Bogotá´s theatre movement. Since its beginning one of its goals is to strengthen the Colombian theatre community.


To achieve that purpose the Ret has stablished a close relationship with ITI UNESCO in order to show the academic work that is being done in Colombia. In accordance with that idea the Ret was officially admitted in the Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts del ITI-UNESCO in 2017.


  1. To make communications channels between institutions that teach dramatic Art.

  2. To encourage the theatre academic community’s strengthen.

  3. To offer meeting spaces within the theatre academic community and the theatre community with this one.

  4. To propitiate knowledge exchange with people and organizations of the theatre Community.

  5. To stablish ties with both national and international organizations that allow academic mobility, circulation and exchange of theatrical works.

  6. To promote common research and education initiatives.

  7. To ensure information Exchange between the academic institutions.

  8. To deepen the knowledge of the Colombian economy, society and both cultural traditions and issues.

  9. To formulate joint research, education or artistic projects with national or international       funds.    

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