Historical recount of the meetings of theater schools of the RET

Since its foundation the Ret has done an annual meeting of theater schools. Each year the topic of this meeting varies, but almost every time there are discussions and workshops. In these activities both students and teachers participate as equals. Then we will briefly review the meetings we have made since 2006:


  • 2019. Fourteenth. Dialogues: bodies and voices for the scene.

There were twelve conferences about body and voice trainig for actors with differents approaches, perspectives and methodologies. There were 7 workshops guideb by proffesors of body and voice training. On the last day there were open classes of the workshops that will allow the exchange of experiences, reflections and some conclusions about the work.
107 students and professors from the Ret institutions participated.


  • 2018. Thirteenth. The actor as a producer of himself

There were scenic exercises guided by experts in Boal's technique about social condition of artist, their training and education, the laws that affect their profession, management and futures challenges for actors.

  • 2017. Twelfth. From dramaturgy to the scene

Practical exercises of theatrical creation were made by directors and playwriters with both students and teachers, along with conferences with different teachers and experts.


  • 2016. Eleventh. What is collaborative creation in theatre?

There were collaborative creation exercises done with experts in that type of theatre work. Those experts gave conferences to all participants.


  • 2015. Tenth. The role of the director

There were acting exercises done with several directors from 20 different institutions, among which were Sao Paulo University, Rio de Janeiro University, both from Brazil, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, UK and Sonora University, Mexico.


  •  2014. Ninth. Voice training for actors

In this occasion, some of the theatre programs showed some voice training exercises in order to discuss how each school Works the acting voice. There were workshops given by teachers from the Bahia University, Brazil, University of Barcelona, and several teachers from Colombia, México and Spain.

  •  2013. Eighth. The legacy of Constantin Stanislavski and his contribution to the theatre.

In this year the meeting had conferences and workshops. Those activities were given by different experts such as one of the Spanish translators of Stanislavski´s work or experts in Meyerhold, Vasiliev and Chekhov. 


  •  2012. Seventh. The theatre of the Oppressed of Augusto Boal

A workshop in that particular subject was given to several of our students by teachers who were Boal´s disciples and Boal´s technique practitioners.


  •  2011. Sixth. University accreditation and a Mask Workshop

There were discussions about the Colombian high-quality accreditation process and the workshop described in the title.


  • 2010. Fifth. Stage design and stagecraft

Students worked in the staging of . The goal was to be focused in the different stagecraft elements that were needed to be used in this production.


  • 2009. Fourth. Physical training as a foundation of acting education

In this meeting all the theater schools showed different ways to approach the subject. After each presentation there was a discussion between the audience and the participants.

  • 2008. Third.Third district theatre schools meeting, First Latin American theatre schools meeting.

In 2008 there were these two events at the same time. At the third district meeting each school showed Works in progress and creation exercises. After each performance, there were forums in which the participants discussed about what they saw. At the first Latin American there were discussions about pedagogical models and national theatre policies. 


  • 2007. Second.Second district theatre schools meeting.

In the second version of the event there were talks about the different institutions, state and private alike, lack of commitment with their drama undergraduate programs. That is why in this year the proposal to create a network arises. There is a publication made: 2006 and 2007 District schools meeting, remembrance.   


  • 2006. First. First district theatre schools meeting.

The propose of the event was to gather of the theatre schools of Bogotá in order to discuss how each school Works, how little trade union conscience existed within the professional theatre community. The main conclusion of the event was the need for these meeting to continue.




II International Theatre Schools Colloquium

Pedagogy in acting formation. The event was from march 20th to march 24th of 2018. It gathered teachers and students from México, Ecuador, Venezuela and different regions of Colombia.  


Dramatic readings – XVI Iberoamerican Bogota Theater Festival

The RET made ten dramatic readings of contemporary Mexican playwriters Works with students and teachers.   


I International Theatre Schools Colloquium

. The event was from march 14th to march 20th of 2016. The event consisted in forums, workshops, dramatic readings and lectures about artistic education.  


Dramatic readings – XV Iberoamerican Bogota Theater Festival

The RET made fourteen dramatic readings of contemporary Brazilian playwriters works with students and teachers.   

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